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Historic Bridge #5In the mid-1990's the city of Duluth, realizing the historic significance of the bridges, initiated a program to repair and restore the structures. Bridge #2, just south of the Lakeview hockey rinks, being the most damaged of the lot, was the first to be restored.

The original blueprints were consulted with the work beginning in late 1996, and completed the following summer. The bridge was restored to it original condition, and the project was hailed a success.

Restored Bridge #2Bridge #2 from riverRestored Bridge Arch

Restored Historic Bridge#2 along Seven Bridges Road.

In the spring of 1998, the Duluth Preservation Alliance awarded the restoration with a plaque at its annual awards ceremony. Bridge #6 RestorationWork on Historic Bridge #6 (shown left) was begun the following year, a century after Samuel Snively began construction on the original road. Repairs to the remaining five bridges are slated to take place over the next few years.

Although in fairly rough condition and its paved section in need of resurfacing, Seven Bridges Road remains one of Duluth's more idyllic drives. (SIDEBAR) Traveling the road, you'll often meet hikers and bicyclists, equestrians, and automobiles. Fisherman can be spotted angling for trout along the creek bank, and during the warmer days of summer, swimmers are often seen cooling themselves in pools such as the one situated just beneath the falls near Historic Bridge #6. During the winter months, snowmobilers share the route with hikers, cross-country skiers, and snowshoe enthusiasts.

If you continue upward along the dirt road after Road to Hawk Ridgecrossing the last bridge (Historic Bridge #7), you'll follow Snively's final extensionPlanned Eastern Extension to his original road (and the last addition to Skyline Parkway), which takes you to Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve.

Located at the hill's crest, the overlook at Hawk Ridge presents one of the finest vistas you'll find of Lake Superior and the surrounding lakehead region. Each autumn, bird watchers from around the country gather there to watch the annual southern migration of hawks, eagles and other birds of prey. On some days, thousands of birds can be counted as they funnel down along the North Shore to cross the narrow western tip of Lake Superior.

Panorama Thumbnail

Vista of Lake Superior from overlook at Hawk Ridge

One day, back in early November of 1934, Sam Snively stood along Hawk Ridge overlooking eastern Duluth and the blue expanse of Lake Superior. Much of his celebrated farm, less than a mile away, had been destroyed sixteen years before in a devastating forest fire that had swept through the area. He sold the property soon after. Now, as he stood there, fast approaching his 75th birthday, and well into in his last term as mayor, he contemplated his long life in Duluth.

Snively End Portrait



"Sometimes, when I become discouraged, I say to myself, I should have gone to another city to seek my fortune. But when I look over these hills and see the great natural beauties of our community, I console myself and wonder--where in all this wide world could I find such a view as this?"

-Samuel Snively




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